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Do you feel alone and not loved?


Love yourself to freedom program


Helps you to

Realise that you are never alone

Show empathy and kindness to yourself

Love yourself just as you are

Listen to your inner self and find your passion

You can create a life that you love



If you say yes to this program, I will be with you on your self-development journey to fulfill your personal and life goals. Everyone is different and should approach each situation in a way they feel comfortable in. With the "love yourself to freedom program", you have the freedom to choose this and I will be alongside you.




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My Story

I have always been a very sensitive person since I was a child, and I still am. This used to affect my body a lot. As I learned to love myself over the years, find what makes me happy in life, discovered them and be more connected with myself, my body and my feelings ... I learned to love my sensitive side. Now I have devoted my life to loving people. Because I know that love can change everything.

Everything starts flowing effortlessly when you start to love yourself

As you start to love yourself, you start listening to your inner self and start to get to get to know yourself all over again. You start to relax in your body and breathe comfortably in your body. As you get comfortable in your body, you start to take notice of your feelings and start to connect with them. You start noticing and realizing: What excites you?  What triggers you? What gives you pleasure? What violates your boundaries? Do you have healthy boundaries? These realizations remind you that you always have a choice.


As you start to be compassionate to yourself to live a more loving and pleasurable life and start making choices that reflect this, life starts flowing effortlessly.


Loving yourself doesn’t teach you anything new, it takes you back to the knowledge and compassion that you had when you were a child.   As the relationship with yourself develops with love and compassion, it starts to develop the same way with your environment too.


I believe that we can achieve anything we want in this life, as long as we really want it. Just ask for it, and it is always given to us by life, by a higher force, by God, by the universe, whatever you want to call it.

If you say yes to this program, I will be with you on your self development journey to fulfil your personal and life goals. Everyone is different and should approach each situation in a way they feel comfortable in. Everyone has different areas and topics that they want to put their focus on. With the love yourself to freedom program you have the freedom to choose all of this and I will be alongside you.

"Love yourself. People who love themselves learn to love and live in peace with the environment and the people around them."

Yesim Atesci

An interview in the "Sen&Ben" Magazine where I talk about the love yourself to freedom program

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Love yourself to freedom

Dear Yesim, you are the birthday gift that life brought me this year. The moment I stepped into a new age, everything was a mess in my life and I was feeling terribly lonely. Nevertheless, I decided to own up to myself and especially to my feelings. When the time showed 00.00 and it was the first moments of my birthday your presence felt as if someone had whispered in my ear and said: "You are not alone". That moment is why your presence has a very special place for me. I wanted to mention this before we started the interview.

You are a professional Life Coach and have a program that you have designed yourself called "Love yourself to freedom". We can also say that your hashtag #loveyourselftofreedom has brought us together on Instagram. Although we both do not believe in coincidences or chance, finding each other was no coincidence.

Let's talk about your program, I knew that loving yourself was freedom before I met you and that it is a form of art but when you started describing what you do, it started to make more sense to me. So why don't you share with us why you have called your program "love yourself to freedom" and why is self love a form of art?



Everyone is different and unique


Yesim Atesci– Dear Elif, First of all, even though it does not surprise me, it touches my heart that life has brought us together in perfect synchronization and love. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I believe that every encounter we have in this life is for a reason, every encounter we perceive as good or bad, every soul we touch, meets us to expand our spirit. At the time I was whispering to you, everyone that participated in the 100-day challenge, started whispering back to me and reminded me that I too wasn't alone. Because I had designed the "love yourself to freedom program" for this very purpose: to remind everyone that we are loved and never alone.


Many women and young girls all around the world who are very sensitive just as I am, have and are going through very similar experiences that I have encountered till this day. As I started to love myself I realised that I started to heal many of my illnesses, I started to stop making myself sick and unhappy with concerns. I started to use my sensitivity as a superpower rather than seeing it as a deficiency. Once I started to realise all of this, I strongly believed that I had to share it. Because this is a powerful self-revolution, I call it a “revolution of self-love” It starts from yourself, deep down in the core of you which is your source, and it spreads from you to the people around you and your surroundings. Therefore I have designed a 10-step program for everyone to experience this self-love revolution and discover their own path. I named it "love yourself to freedom" because each one of us is unique, therefore I cannot tell you how you can love yourself. The method you choose in every step should belong to you, and you should be utterly free when you create a life you love. I believe we all came to this world to create. When you love yourself you become free to create the life you love.



Didem Elif – You mean: everyone's path and methods are different. As I said, this is very meaningful for me because everyone's interaction with life is very different. Some are happy dancing and some reading. In this sentence, one of the subjects describes you and the other describes me. I'm not saying I don't like dancing, but dancing is something that happens when a lot of components come together. And that doesn’t always happen for me.  I know that it has a special place for you. At least can I see that dancing makes you feel good. Am I wrong?

I have a passion for dancing

Ysim Atesci – You are quite right. I have a passion for dancing. I have been dancing in every chance I could find since I was little. I have a memory that always comes to mind: My dad used to take us to the Turkish restaurant on the weekends. There was always a belly dancer who would perform, even though I was always a very shy child, I would always take my place at the very front without hesitation and start dancing. I would try to do the exact movements the belly dancer did and succeed. It has always been the same since then. When I hear music that I love, I take the front of the dance floor and move my body freely with the rhythm of the music and I believe that there is a very healing for me. It supports me to live my femininity and freedom and reminds me of balancing the way we live life. While sharing my joy by dancing, sometimes I also release my anger through dancing. This is why dance is always in my life. But it is normal for you to be different because even if we go through similar experiences in life, everyone's method of feeling good and living life is different and it should be too.

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