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Love yourself to freedom program

Enquire or apply for the Love Yourself to Freedom Program

Meet your inner child training

Enquire or apply for the meet your inner self program

"Intimate, high quality and full of life...
I thank God for Yesim. I believe that this program, that Yeşim has prepared, is truly her divine gift from God. I hope a lot of people can benefit from it.
S. S.

Love yourself to freedom group

To become one of the tribe join our facebook group

Single session

If you have something specific to work on or talk about and don't want to commit to a long coaching period then book a single session.

Holistic Approach to learning English

Have you been to many English courses but still can’t speak?
Have you migrated to Australia but have trouble adapting?
Do you have trouble understanding the Aussie accent?
Would you like to look at learning a new language in a holistic way?

"You are the birthday gift that life brought me this year. The moment I stepped into a new age, everything was a mess in my life and I was feeling terribly lonely. Nevertheless, I decided to own up to my self and especially to my feelings. When the time showed 00.00 and it was the first moments of my birthday your presence was like someone whispered in my ear and said: "You are not alone".

Create your own tribe

Create your own tribe with like-minded friends and apply for group coaching.


Book a session if you want to learn different ways to meditate or register for our creative meditation events.

Love yourslef to freedom

New videos and free content will be available in English very soon

Meet your inner self


Are you ready for a deep down to your inner self?

Do you want to do everything with love while bringing out your highest potential? Meet your inner self and make pleasure your priority.

When was the last time you listened to your inner child?

When did you listen to that child's needs and embraced her/him with compassion and love?

Do you want to stop bullying yourself and reach your goals in a more effortless way?  

Would you like to love yourself a little bit more each day?

If you answered yes to the questions above questions, then you can benefit from this program. 


Connect to yourself through nature with creative meditation
Communicate with your inner child - connect to your inner child with creative ways
Discover the way to your heart by listening to your inner voice
Learn to use anger in a positive way and connect with your emotions
Discover the power of letting go
Step into a life of pleasure

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