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Sen de kendi içindeki öz sevgi devrimini ateşlemek istiyorsan bana katıl ve beraber en güzel sanat eserini inşa edelim. Kendini Sevme Sanatı online eğitimlerine katılmak istiyorsan ücretsiz ilk görüşme için bana aşağıdaki bana ulaşın linkinden ya da adresinden bana ulaşabilirsin. Sana motivasyon değil, kalbimi sunuyorum. Kalbim açık, koşulsuz sevgi ile seni bekliyor olacağım.

Seni seviyorum, kendini sev.

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Size sunabildiğim eğitimler: Kendini Sevme Sanatı Eğitimi, Aborjin Meditasyonu, Affetme Çalışmaları, çocuklar için Kendini Seven Çocuklar Atölyesi, Yaşam Koçluğu, Ekspat Koçluğu ve Zihin ve Akıl Haritaları ve Hafıza Tekniği Eğitimi.

Tüm Eğitimler ve koçluklar hem İngilizce hem de Türkçe olarak verilmektedir.

My story

My name is Yesim Atesci. Even though I am a woman who lives a life without age limitations, for the ones wondering I was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1978.  I spent half my life in Australia and half in Turkey. Sometimes I am a classic “Aussie” and sometimes a “Rebel Turk".


I have always been a very sensitive person since my childhood. Although nowadays I see sensitivity as a superpower for myself, both in my childhood and my early adult life, I have experienced many psychological and physical difficulties because of my sensitivity. Inability to speak in public, hair loss, shingles, chronic bronchitis at early childhood, my battle with acne until 34. In adulthood, migraines, neck hernia, depression, jaw and stomach problems were among the physical problems I experienced. I was always sick, complaining and always knew that something in my life was missing.


What I realized slowly over the years was; in every event that I was living emotionally affected my body and my mind tremendously. Although I had met the concept of "self-love" with Lousie Hay in my early twenties, it took me many years to bring this to life. In 2011, when my life started changing dramatically after my first divorce, I started to do a lot of research, overtook many courses and combined them with practices such as the power of thought, meditation, positive thinking together with the concept of self love myself.

As I continued to love myself and make this apart of my life with many practices, I realized that my life started changing and that I was free of all my illnesses. In addition to getting rid of all the discomforts, I started to discover what makes me happy in life. There are still  and always will be times when I don't feel my best but, that is ok because in time I learned to observe what was happening in my life and make sure I wasn't judging my emotions as "good" or "bad". Instead I take them all in and ask for support whenever I need to.


I realised that social justifications such as getting married, having the perfect job or having a child does not make people happy and that appiness is made in each and every one of us in many different diverse ways. Five years ago I got my coaching training and the following year, I left my corporate job. I spent my time deepening my research, I took new training and decided to share my self-love practices with the world. I have created ten steps to love yourself to freedom. I turned those ten steps into a program called Love yourself to freedom.


With the love yourself to freedom program one-on-one training you can build your own framework with the practices you choose in each step. You have complete freedom when it comes to what suits you. Whatever you want to achieve in life: change your job, reduce stress in your life, adapt to new situations in life, relationship problems, lose weight ... or maybe you may not even know what you want to do... The revolution of self-love starts within you and starts reflecting in many aspects of your life. I know this very well because I used to always over think about everything, was very fragile and wasn’t taking critism very well, feared trying out new things, always had the same problems in my relationships and many other repeating situations in my life.  As I started to love myself I started feeling unconditional love for my body, my soul and my mind, I also started filling my living space with it, with my own self-love revolution. This way, I can live the life I want to live and yes I can reach you with these sentences. If you want to ignite the self-love revolution within yourself, join me and lets make the most beautiful artwork together. If you would like to take part in the online training, please contact me at the following link or via this email:

I give you my heart, not motivation. I will be waiting for you with my heart open, unconditional love. Love you, love yourself.

My education and training

Currently studying Psychology at Macquarie University, Bachelors degree in Russian Literature - Istanbul University, Pushkin Institude Certificate, Graduate Diploma in Marketing, ID Coaching Life Coaching, The Art of Manifestation -  Gabrielle Bernstein, The Deep Truth Webinar – Gregg Braden, Assertiveness for Earth Angels – Doreen Virtue, Light up the fire, Feminine and Masculine meet and The wisdom of Darkness retreats – Wild Women Academy (Didem Çivici), Wellness Workshop – Kris Carr, Zihin ve Mind Mapping and Memory Techniques Training - Dr. Selma Şarda, professional skin and body treatment and massage training in Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

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